Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Learning to Drive

As soon as you turn 17, one of the most notable thoughts that often run through your head is that you are now legally able to learn to drive. Having the ability to drive opens up endless opportunities for activities, travelling and job availability, but also to increase general ease of getting around. Within this blog, we will not only be exploring the reasons why you shouldn’t put off learning to drive, but also the several benefits that will result from having this skill. 

  • Time 

Although one of the biggest excuses amongst the younger generation is that they don’t have time to learn to drive, they don’t realise the lack of time they will have in the later years. For instance, during college and sixth form it’s likely they will still have days off, as well as spare time on the weekends, meaning there is really no excuse not to learn. That being said, one of the best approaches around this could be taking a look at Carcaptain’s very own intensive driving course, where you would be able to learn how to drive and pass your test within as little as five days. 

  • Money

Several people postpone driving lessons due to the shortage of funds, however, learning to drive is always more suitable whilst younger due to the lack of other financial responsibilities. Once you begin to pay for other expenses, you may notice the struggle to afford regular driving lessons, which is why it’s always beneficial to learn at a younger age. 

  • Government Regulations

In recent years particularly, there has been a significant increase in the demands for learner drivers, with the rise in required hours and other factors that all build up. Further implications are also being implemented into the practical test itself, all of which will contribute to impacting the cost of learning to drive due to regulations and the amount of time required. This is why now is the time to learn to drive, as additional measures are also being always being placed, which is why it’s key to learn before too many alterations are made. 

About Carcaptain

As we previously mentioned, despite the work needed to learn to drive, there are endless reasons why it’s beneficial to learn to drive, starting with the fact you are able to drive anywhere, within limits. Unlike public transport, you are in control of your destination, so you are able to drive wherever you wish within your own vehicle. This can then lead to additional advantages including availability for jobs for example, where you are now able to put down on your CV that you own a full driving license. 

If you are concerned about who to learn to drive with, then look no further than one of London’s highest-rated intensive driving course providers, Carcaptain. Our team of approved driving instructors are all highly experienced and have worked with a wealth of first-time and drivers to pass both their theory and practical driving test. To find out more, head over to our website, or give us a call today on 0220 7099 1232.

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