What To Do If You Don’t Have Health Insurance – You Might Not Beat The Odds


Have you been working hard and paying your bills on time your whole life? Saving your money and trying to have ahead, looking towards retiring some day? You read inside the paper and hear on the news about a lot of people that are uninsured. Uninsured, and don’t have medical insurance because they can’t afford it. Are you one of the uninsured people like I’m? Are you concerned about having a healthcare emergency and not knowing how you would pay your medical bills? You understand you really can’t switch jobs. You feel you’re getting too old or under skilled being hired by someone else. You might even be self-employed too. You realize you can’t or shouldn’t learn a new skill to obtain a new job at a bigger company that has group medical health insurance. Your present employer really can not afford health insurance for his employees and you don’t see that changing where you work.


You’ve gotten by this long without medical health insurance and you realize that you should take action. But health insurance is expensive and getting health insurance may be beneficial and something you have always been planning to do. But, we just keep putting it off, until it is too late. What exactly is a man with a family, or perhaps a single person do if you barely will find the money to pay for the necessities, just like the rent, or perhaps a mortgage, the bigger price of gas and food, a smaller amount expensive medical insurance?


Do you think you can better the odds? For males it is one in three, for ladies one in five that you may have a major health care emergency hospitalization and incur medical bills for surgery, hospital stay, outpatient health care, therapy and prescribed drugs. Do you worry and lay awake through the night, wondering how you would buy emergency care, in the event you needed it?


Ever wonder what you will do when the worst happens and you had to see a hospital without medical insurance? In a word. Bankruptcy. The retirement you worked your whole life for and desired… the retirement you always envisioned is fully gone…taken away of your stuff in an instant. And by a calamity you might have tried to avoid. A calamity that broad sided you, and also you had no warning and you never knew what hit you.

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