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Many of the clients that we help have at one time or another been told that it is impossible to get their full driver’s licence in a short space of time. Friends and family who passed their tests many moons ago may think that an ongoing course of weekly lessons is unavoidable. Other driving schools often panic when asked if everything can be completed within a week or so and claim ” it can’t be done”. (LINK> “Why do an Intensive course (article)? <LINK )

However, at CarCaptain we do this all the time, all it takes is a bit of dedication on our behalf to ensure that your wish lists are fulfilled and deadlines met. (LINK> What we need to know to be able to plan and arrange your chance to get your licence within 14 days of having contacted us? <LINK)

All theory and practical driving tests in the UK are sold by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) and all of these tests are invigilated over by an examiner employed by the DSA. Currently in London the average wait for a theory test is around three weeks, for a practical test this stretches to ten weeks. For anyone who wants to get their licence quickly finding a cancellation is a must because we are constantly in touch with the DSA either through the WEB or directly our staff are monitoring developments for other student requirements in similar situations. Of course cancellations can be booked by anyone but most of our clients do not have the time and resources that we have to be searching on the DSA’s website night and day, so we do it for them. At CarCaptain we have the benefit of knowing what is the best time of day to look for a last minute test, what test centres are busier than others and what areas are better to learn in. This means that we can always find our client a test, however much of a rush they are in. Just put us to the test!

To give you some idea of the process behind arranging a short notice (Fast Track) intensive course please see our guide below;

Step 1) You ring to inquire about our courses, we email you details of the course you are interested in and request the information we need from you to confirm your booking. You also pay a deposit (the amount depends on what length of course you are taking)

Step 2) We post you a copy of the highway code and a hazard perception CD ROM so that you can prepare for the theory test, this can be delivered the next working day and your theory test can be booked for as soon as two days time.

Step 2 CarCaptain) – At this point we will be periodically checking the theory test booking service for a last minute cancellation, tests become available all of the time due to people being unable to attend – also if there is an extremely high demand for tests the DSA very often create a few new ones to prevent a backlog.

Step 3) Once the theory test has been successfully passed we will concentrate on finding a practical test. You can start your lessons the day of your theory test if you would like to, this speeds up the process if you have a lot of hours to fit in before your desired practical exam date.

Step 3 CarCaptain) As soon as we receive the theory certificate number which you are given immediately after passing your theory test we start looking for a practical test cancellation. The DSA put many new tests on their online booking service very early in the morning and somebody from CarCaptain is always around to grab them – this is the time of day we find most of our late notice tests. Most cancellations are for 2-3 days time which gives you enough time to finish your course so that you are test ready. If you are not happy with the date we have found we will recommence our search and find you another one!

Lots of different circumstances warrant taking a last minute intensive course, sometimes jobs depend on it or our clients are only in the UK for a matter of days. Other times people have had enough of learning to drive and just want to get it over and done with. Last minute courses are very popular with business men and women who cannot afford to take more than a few days off work and with teenagers who want to get their licences’ during their half term holidays.

Whatever your situation we can definitely help you to get your licence in under two weeks. If you would like any further information on any of the courses please feel free to contact us;

Freephone – 0800 8600 186
Landline – 0207 099 1232
Mobile – 07825395128

Email –

or fill in our Web based inquiry form. (LINK> Find our WEB based inquiry form here. <LINK)

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