The Truth About Purchasing A Used Car

There are a lot of questions people ask when they buy a car, used or otherwise. After all, even the most inexpensive used vehicle in the market these days will cost you a thousand dollars or so. The first thing you need to do when buying a used car is set a budget; something that you may have read or heard about a thousand times before. You need to understand that buying a vehicle is usually a task that can be overpowering. In addition, there is a strong chance that the dealer would attempt to tempt you into getting a car that is more expensive than what you can really afford. What you can do is to find out how much the vehicle is being sold for. Keep in mind that you wouldn’t be saving money with low monthly payments stretched out over a long period of time; in fact, you’re going to pay almost half the total price of the car on interest alone.


One of the frequent errors made by vehicle buyers is failing to specify how much they can really afford to spend on monthly car payments. They think that long term payments with low monthly rates are the answer and eagerly sign the sales agreement. Sure, a monthly payment of $200 is no doubt affordable, but you may not think it is really affordable if you’d only take the time to compute how much the car would cost if that $200 payment is stretched for five years or more. Knowing your budget before you take a look at what companies, such as Hertz, can offer allows you to focus only on cars that are available within your set budget. So as much as possible, do avoid getting yourself involved in long-term contracts. So study your options and select a car that you can pay off sooner.


Another key component of purchasing used cars is for you to inspect the vehicle and test drive it to see how it performs on the road. This means you have to take a look at the car before you even begin to negotiate with the dealers to lower the selling price. It is also advisable to conduct some research on car values and prices on the vehicles you are interested in so you would know if the dealers are asking you for more money than what the car is actually worth. This way, you can get the car you like without spending more than you can afford. It is also best to have a mechanic check the car you plan on owning and take it out for a test drive before you finally decide to spend your money.

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