The Positives And Negatives Of Intensive Driving Courses

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Here at Carcaptain, we are a dedicated team who designs bespoke, intensive driving courses which are guaranteed to make their students pass. Many people do find it difficult to dedicate weeks and months to driving lessons, as well as taking time out from their busy schedules and routine. This is where our intensive driving courses are an excellent option. 

To help you understand the positives and negatives of these intensive driving courses, please feel free to continue reading. 


Alongside the cost of an intensive driving course, there are also many other benefits from taking a course. It’s worth noting, that these are general positives and many others may feel differently about these.

  • Time

If you are looking to obtain your driving licence quickly, then an intensive course is ideal for you. It’s often the case that you can learn and then book your driving test within as little as two weeks, compared to a lengthy two to three months for standard driving lessons. Your test will also be included within this time, whereas you may be waiting several weeks to book your test normally. 

  • Won’t forget anything

As you are taking lessons within very quick succession, it’s very unlikely that you won’t forget any information or techniques that have been shown to you. Especially within an intensive lesson, you will be focusing on areas in extensive details so that they are perfected, meaning you won’t ever forget what you have learned.

  • Higher chance of passing

Thanks to the two factors above, it’s likely that you will also have an increased chance of passing your practical test first time. According to the DVSA, only an estimated 47% pass first time with standard lessons, whereas students that take part in an intensive driving course are estimated to have an increased chance of passing, coming close to 80%.


Although an intensive driving course may sound easy, there are still many negatives about the course, with a few of the most important being mentioned below.

  • Pressure on you

Taking the practical driving test can often give even the most confident learner nerves, but an intensive course can often increase your nerves due to the increase in pressure to pass. At least with traditional driving lessons, you are learning over time and will book the test once you feel you are prepared, though an intensive course you are expected to learn and then pass your driving test in as little as two weeks. 

  • Limited learning experience

As you are learning within only two weeks, you may not be able to experience all there is when it comes to driving. For example, driving in different weather conditions or at night are important scenarios to experience, though it’s unlikely that you will have the possibility to encounter all of these within a small period of time whilst you are driving. 

  • Will be taught how to pass the test

Although the whole purpose of an intensive driving course is to teach you to pass the practical test, you aren’t necessarily learning real-world learning. This is because your driving instructor will solely focus on teaching you the key aspects that will be checked on the test, for example, particular manoeuvres or signs that you may not utilise on a daily basis, which will be vital once you pass. 

About Carcaptain

If you are looking to embark on an intensive driving course, then look no further than London’s very best driving course provider – Carcaptain. Our instructors are available to do driving tests at short notice at any and all driving test centre in and around London. 

To find out more about our services, be sure to head over to our website when you have the chance. Alternatively, if you wish to speak to our friendly customer service team, be sure to give us a call on 020 7099 1232 where one of our consultants will be happy to assist. 

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