The Bar Goes Up In The Gas Mileage Improvement Game As Shade-Tree Mechanics Start Talking

With the fluctuating gas prices we’re seeing, a growing group of people is looking for answers. And they are making great headway figuring out answers to the high gas price problem. They’re cutting costs, using less energy, lowering emissions, and slashing their repair bills. And they are discovering that it is very easy to do. They are forcing expectations higher in an industry that once shut them out.

Just take a look at the exploding market for small business built hydrogen boosters, a technology that even just five years ago was dominated by home garage mechanics, and poo-pooed by the big boys. Or how about the fast expanding accessory aftermarket focused on helping customers get better gas mileage, often using products originally developed in someone’s backyard or basement. Or even the ever growing number of websites and forums on the net that focus on eco-modding and hyper-miling, started by no-bodies. Somethings’s up, and not necessarily everyone is liking it.

You see, lots of people have figurered out that getting better gas mileage than what comes original from the factory, is possible. Getting better emissions than what comes original from the factory is very possible too. Finding ways to make their vehicles go farther between repairs is also possible. And they figured out that it could be done without breaking the piggy bank.

Within this larger group though, is also a thriving group of individuals dedicated to publishing everyone else’s results, compiling lists of everything that people have figured out so far, and just in general, making sure that the big oil companies out there don’t suppress the good stuff again, like they’ve done in the past. If you search around the net, you can find any number of lists that people have compiled, of lots of different ways to improve gas mileage. The king of the lists has to be the one found at though, a list that the site author has been compiling for over five years. There are others, but this one has it all, every tip, trick, tweak, mod, and technology in the book.

So assuming that you want to know more about saving gasoline, improving your gas mileage, lowering your repair bills, and lowering your emissions, check out some of these lists as the first step in your new education. It is do-able, and a growing crowd of people and businesses are proving it is, every day.


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