Taking your private Car on test?

When you decide to take your private car on test there are some specific requirements that you need to consider these are enumerated below;

1. The first is that the examiner may request that you are able to produce a valid insurance certificate which allows you as the learner driver to take the car out on a driving test. If you are unsure about the position of your current insurance it is important to clarify this position with your insurance company. It may also be necessary for you to be able to provide a valid certificate which covers you for the test in the car that you have brought to do the test in.

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2. The examiner will further check whether the car has a valid road tax certificate and do a cursory examination of the tyres on the car. He will be looking to see if the tyres have any cuts or bulges in them and ensure that there is 1.6 mm of tread across the whole circumference of the tyre. He will also be checking if the tyres are properly inflated? Please be aware that it is extremely important that you present the car with sufficient tread on all the tyres.

3. Another very important point to consider when taking your own car on the driving test is whether it has suffered from a recall by the manufacturers. The DSA (driving standards agency) are notified of all vehicle recalls by the various car manufacturers who are represented in the United Kingdom. In most test centres you will see current recall notices of vehicles, and specific requirements for the examiner not to reject the vehicle presented which has a recall notice on it. It is incumbent on you the student, learner driver, to ensure that your vehicle which you are presenting for test does not fall in this category. Normally if there is a recall on a vehicle the examiner will request that you present a manufacturers letter to the effect that the defect has been overseen and corrected. The examiners will accept letters from authorised service stations who act as dealers for the relevant vehicle manufacturer.

4. If your vehicle is subject to a recall notice but it falls marginally outside the model numbers which are affected by the recall you must ensure that you take along a copy of the DSA recall notice, and your vehicle’s history so that you can prove that it falls outside the validity of the recall notice. Alternatively, get a letter from the manufacturers dealer that your vehicle has been checked and is not subject to the vehicle recall.

To find out if your car is subject to a recall an easy and quick way to find out is to type into a Google search box the following term:

“DSA Driving test vehicle recall: Vauxhall” if your car is a Vauxhall


“DSA Driving test vehicle recall: Peugeot 206” if your car is a Peugeot 206

and so on.

If you are not sure of the situation you can always give the DSA a call on the general number and enquire about your car. Normally all the cars that are recall listed on the DSA website give explanations along with the reasons for the recall, the make and model of the car involved, and the required fix along with a proof of documentation which is necessary for you to be able to successfully present the specific car for test.

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Below find an example of the DSA verbiage and site dump in this regard;

Vehicle Recall DSA Driving Test

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