Taking Out Laptop Insurance

Taking out laptop insurance might end up saving you serious amounts of your hard-earned cash. Heres why.




Imagine the scene you discover that your laptop has been stolen.


OK, theres likely to be severe inconvenience for you and perhaps your business but also you`re going to end up with a severe dent in your bank balance as you replace it.


Unless, of course, you make your mind up that you can live your life without a laptop.


Having laptop insurance might help you avoid the need to face that dilemma.


Cover provided


To be sure what cover is provided, it is necessary to take some time and look at the policy documentation.


However you may find that you have protection against:


  • theft;
  • destruction of your laptop in an accident;
  • the breakdown of the laptop outside of the manufacturers warranty period.


Service provided


Some policies may be able to offer you:


a quick replacement of your laptop;

  • safety even if you take it abroad with you;
  • back up of up to so much of your data.


Whats not covered


As with any insurance protection product, terms and conditions, exclusions and limitations will apply and you may wish to read these carefully to ensure you understand them.


Typically policies wont provide cover for:


  • the loss of your laptop;
  • its theft if left unattended in a spot thats is not secure (but if it is unattended in a locked and secure spot then it typically would be covered);
  • any damage caused by you trying to mend the laptop.


Noteworthy points


Insurance for laptops may call for:


  • in the event of theft, that the crime is reported to police within 24 hours and that you get a crime number as evidence that youÂ’have done so;
  • that you pay an excess in the event of a claim (this is generally well documented as part of the policyÂ’s documentation).


Other gadgets


If you own more than one gadget then you may wish to check if you can insure all of them with the same provider.


There is a form of insurance called gadget insurance and that offers cover for many different types of specific gadget  – in fact cover for laptops is often considered to be part of overall gadget insurance cover.


Insurers typically need to be sure exactly what the type of your gadget is so that they can ensure you have appropriate protection.


For example, commonly an iPad will not be considered a laptop and a specific iPad insurance policy will exist.


So, if youÂ’re looking to protect your assets, you may wish to think about gadget insurance overall and if you have a laptop, laptop insurance specifically.



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