Some Guidelines When Inspecting Used Cars

A very important part of buying a used car is to take the time to personally check the vehicle and take it out for a test drive. After all, you are going to spend 5,000 to 15,000 dollars on a used car and you have all the right to know exactly what it is you are going to put your hard-earned money on. And if it is your first time purchase a used car, then all the more it is necessary to find out out as much as you can when you take a look at the car to minimize the risks of getting into serious trouble later on. So how will you be conducting this inspection of the vehicle to find out if it has a serious defect? A key aspect to remember is that the car inspection should be performed during the day and not at night when it would be difficult to clearly see what you are inspecting. At night, you will have to depend on the light produced by electric lamps to check the car and there is a good chance that you will notice scratches or any other kind of damage on the body of the car.


Make sure the car is parked on level ground so you would get a good look if the tires are even or if there is any sagging on the body of the car. Take a closer look at the tires of the car and see if there are any signs of uneven wear as this could provide you with a clue that there is a possibility that the car’s suspension has problems. You may also check out information sources, such as, so you would know what else you should be looking out for. You could also have a mechanic check the car and test drive it for you so you would get a pretty good idea with regards to the car’s actual performance as this can really help you decide on the purchase. Another tip is to test drive the car on a cool engine as this would give you a better idea about the car.


Before you inspect the car, you have to do some research on used car values and prices. You may want to check out this website to provide you with a good idea as to the prices of the kinds of cars that you are expecting to buy. This is to make sure that the sellers are not trying to overprice the car. This is especially advisable if you are dealing with a private seller since these people are known to get too emotional about selling their cars and tend to ask for more money than what the car is really worth in the market. Knowing exactly what the car is worth would help you set a price to negotiate with the sellers. Just be sure, however, that you are going to set a reasonable amount to offer the sellers. This would help you ease into the negotiations more smoothly and get the sellers to agree with your offer.

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