Repairing Noise Rear Drum Brakes

Does your rear drum brakes creating a lot of noise? If you are mechanically keen and have the service manual for your vehicle, you can perform the repair job yourself and spend less. Rear drum brakes have to have a few special tools to take out and change. These equipments are a discharge spring tool, a hold down spring tool, brake adjustment tool, pliers, and a lug wrench. You likewise need a socket set, a wrench set, a jack, and two jack stands. Choose something for your lug nuts in addition to other parts. Once you have all your tools you are prepared to commence your job.

First of all ease lug nuts on the two sides and then elevate the car and remove the lug nuts on each side. Get rid of both wheels. This will get you to your rear brake drums. Take away the two drums. This will divulge your brake shoes and springs. Have a look at how they are set up. Next make sure if your wheel cylinders are spilling any brake fluid. If there are not any leaks you will be ready to take down the brakes.

Next take off the emergency brake cable retainer. At this point take off the release spring near the top of backing plate; there must be two springs. Then take off the hold down springs. You should have two springs and retainers, one in the midst of each brake shoe. Given that this is carried out you can lift off both brake shoes all at once. Then have the star adjustment screw from between the brake shoes. Redo these steps on the opposite side. Be sure to take all four shoes and both drums to the parts store. Get drums examined and check if drums can be changed; otherwise supplant them.

Now that you have finished all that and bought new parts, you can begin to replace them. First you must clean all your parts, springs, and retainers, and the backing plate. Prior to starting replacing parts lubricant the backing plate where brake shoes ride with the backing plate. These regions need to be shiny. Next position the emergency brake lever on this secondary shoe. This is actually the shoe that has the most lining onto it replace retainer clip. Next place secondary shoe on the backing plate by using the pin and the retainer. Now switch the primary shoe with similar steps. Following step is to supplant the star adjustment screws at the base between the brake shoes. Firstly place the star screw at the base spring both shoes now using pliers. Place the spring in now setting return springs on towards the top.

The next thing is to check to determine if your backing plate has a modifying hole, if not there should be a knock up slot. Remove the slot with a hammer and chisel. Now switch the drum and change brakes with a screwdriver or brake adjustment tool until eventually shoes rub the drum. Ensure that the drum comes free. Redo these steps on far side. Next set both wheels on and all lug nuts. Secured all lug nuts, allow car down and secure all lug nuts. Following that place wheel covers on. Verify brake pedal and decide if pedal is full. Or else, adjust back brakes. This should complete your rear drum brake changing.


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