Pregnant Swedish learner driver ~ FastTrack intensive driving course.

Instinctively, the female fraternity get this nesting drive when they are in the expectant way. There seems to be an overwhelming hormonal switch to provide additional facilities for the nurturing and caring of the child. They scrape and scratch in all directions like a bird to build the perfect nest for the newborn and the primeval mothering instinct takes hold and pushes the “mother to be” into realms that they would not normally venture.

It is extremely strange, but we often get requests from the expectant mother at around 30 weeks that they now suddenly need their driving licences.

This can be understood in the light of being faced with the daunting task of carting prams, nappies, bottle warmers and many other bits and pieces for the newborn. It is amazing that these little tykes always take up more space when they are small. Their packaging volume to size is completely disproportionate.

I am absolutely convinced that public transport was purposely designed not to cater for nurturing moms and their paraphernalia . London being a place where the young workers are discouraged from having babies as this would impose unexpected burdens on the employers.

Abbreviations used below;

VPG – ( very pregnant girl from Sweden)

CarCaptain ~ (Car captain Intensive driving schools London Branch.)

Fast Track intensive driving course ~ (a driving course designed to be completed within a timespan of 14 days from first contact to sitting your practical driving test.)

Questions and answers;

VPG ~ ” Hi-, I have some questions regarding your driving courses, and whether or not I can take a licence in the United Kingdom as I am a Swedish citizen?”

Carcaptain~  “Yes you are allowed to do your driving licence in London all you have to do is apply for your provisional licence. You need to contact the DVLA and get the necessary forms for your application for the provisional licence.”

VPG ~ “I am currently pregnant (week 33), can I still take classes with you or do I need to wait until the baby’s arrival?”

Carcaptain ~ “It is not our recommendation that somebody who is 33 weeks pregnant should be entering into an intensive driving course. There are dangers and problems to the mother and also to the child. We would rather you wait until after the birth of your child before embarking on this project. An intensive course, in the true sense of the word, is exactly that, and it is arduous and very hard on your body.”

The basic steps for obtaining your driving licence in the United Kingdom is to start by getting your provisional licence from the DVLA. Then you need to pass your theory test with the DSA. (Driving standards agency). The next stage is to pass your practical driving test.

My suggestion would be that you obtain all the relevant course material from ourselves and start working on passing the theory test as soon as possible. It is not necessary for you to have passed your theory test before you start your driving lessons. But it is a requirement that you should have passed your theory test before you do your practical driving test.

If time pressure is your main priority we can normally do a full course, including your Fast Track driving Test, from start to test over a 14 day period (This is referred to as the Fast Track intensive driving course). That meaning you could be taking your test within 14 days of us having received your deposit and wish-list. We pride ourselves in that we are able to get a student to pass their practical driving test 14 days after first contact. That means that we have found and booked a theory test for the student, which they have passed and given them a full intensive course of 43hrs (Complete beginners course) and then found them a practical driving test which they also have passed, all that in 14 days from first contact.

The only proviso is that the student is in possession of their provisional licence before we can set them up for the Fast Track intensive driving course.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information or when you need to arrange your Fast Track intensive driving course and practical driving test in London.

I would suggest that you correspond with Jennifer who is on our sales team.

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