Pitfalls of 5 Day intensive driving courses and Intensive courses.

5day intensive driving courses, and driving crash courses frequently asked questions.

Do you need Class room instruction on an intensive driving course?

This is very difficult to co-ordinate when students are at differing levels of tuition?


I have never driven will I be able to pass a driving test in 20hrs of driving tuition?

It is very unlikeliy that you can pass a driving test with 20hrs of in car tuition if you have no previous experience?


If I fail the test, who decides how many hours of remedial driving tuition I need?

There are various intensive driving courses companies that offer you remedial driving tuition for you to sit your next driving test if you have failed, the problem is who decides how many remedial lessons you need before your next test? If the companies driving instructor is making the decision as to whether you are test ready or not, and there is no imposed obligation on the actual company to pay for the test then they will obviously decide that you need the minimum number of driving lessons before your next test and try to convince you that you are test ready.

In the ideal world, the obligation for the driving test on your subsequent or second test should impose financial difficulty on the intensive driving course school so that they have your best interests at heart to get you to pass the test. The greatest danger with this type of instruction is that it is targeted at you getting to pass the driving test and not instilling safe driving and formal procedures which will keep you safe on the road. It can be argued that it is not the intensive driving course schools responsibility to ensure that you are adequately prepared to receive your full driving licence, it is therefore the final authority, namely the DSA, who make the decision in this regard with their practical driving test.

Any driving instructor who is worth his salt should and will not allow a learner driver to embark on a practical driving test with out at least an 80% chance of passing the driving test. I have been teaching intensive driving courses for the past six years and in all that time only one student was actually ready to sit his driving test in under 30 hours of in car driving tuition on a one-to-one basis, and under an intensive driving course structure, and with an objective of teaching the student to have sufficient installed driving safety procedures so that they will be able to pass the driving test with a more than 80% chance at the first attempt. Normally we would recommend that students have at least 38 to 43 hours of intensive course driving tuition before they attempt a practical driving test. It normally takes the average student approximately 15 to 20 hours to simply mastered the clutch and basic car control skills. After 20 hours of tuition the average student should be able to drive the car without actively thinking about the basic skills. They are therefore at that stage only just starting to learn road awareness and mastering their traffic and road skills. Although they will be capable of driving examiner around the driving test routes after 20 hours of intensive course driving tuition their driving skills and road awareness has not developed to a safe level which will convince the examiner to give them their full driving licence.

If a student is still concentrating on the clutch gears and steering then they are unable to preplan and take in all the various hazards and road dangers surrounding them.


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