Ode to a remarkable Student!

Sometimes you witness that very core that makes us human when you sit in the car with a student. Here we have the very epitaph of the turbo nerd in all its glory. The dedication and drive all amassed in years of study, the grown brain like a massive tree with its roots in the British literary library. A mere suggestion of name and knowledge pours forth like a dam wall busted.
But somehow we forgot to learn to walk beyond the barest necessities of life. From the desk to the toilet has been mastered but beyond that Everest would be easier conquered by a toddler.
Yet we struggle and grind endlessly but there is no way we will not master this driving. That dogged determination that it will happen no matter how much frustration has to be overcome in the process.

The flaying worm before it is hooked has more elegance and poise, but the human spirit here next to me does not know how not to succeed.

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