Need more information on an Intensive driving course?

Dear Helen,
I will answer your questions systematically, and hopefully reply to you with additional information in regard to the 27 hour intensive driving course.

Do intensive driving courses, and crash course driving lessons work?
The answer to this is a resounding yes! they are also very much cheaper than normal hourly driving lessons. The reason for this is because you effectively get much more driving and learning done on an intensive course than you would if you were doing weekly hourly lessons. Therefore on an hour to hour basis when comparing intensive driving courses/crash course driving lessons with normal hourly driving lessons they all as much as 30 to 40% more efficient and effective. Please read the full article on this at our website Why intensive driving course are much better than hourly driving lesson.

Can I choose how the hours are split?
Yes you can break up the hours to your requirements or availability. However we would not suggest that you do less than three hours at any one time.

What is the address nearest to central London?
We have instructors all over London, including central London. However central London is not the best place to learn to drive as you will spend most of your time sitting in traffic. Our recommendation is normally to take your course at an area which is convenient for you in relation to the transport that is available, and it is preferable to do your learning in the test centre area where you are going to do the test and there are no test centres in central London. When you login for your course we can discuss these matters in greater detail.

Do I come to you or you to me?
This will depend very much on what is written in the previous paragraph. However, it is possible that we will pick you up from home but we cannot make that decision until we know where you are living, or where you want to do the course from?

Do I take the test near your site or my address?
I think this matter has been dealt with in reasonable detail above.

If you would like us to give you a call, you are welcome to provide us with a telephone number and the time that would be most convenient to have a discussion regarding any of the issues.

We pride ourselves in our ability to get you a test on the date that you require and at the test centre where you want to do your test. Furthermore, these courses are designed absolutely on an individual requirement basis, it all depends very much on what you want.

Thank you for your enquiry. Further detailed information can be found on our website by clicking through this link to assist you in making up your mind about the intensive driving course, intensive driving lessons and crash courses that we offer.

Kind regards,
Carcaptain intensive driving courses.

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