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The Carcaptain lightning Fast Track intensive driving courses are available at very short notice. The lightning fast track intensive course has been named as this by our clients. The main reason is because we are able to find test bookings which make it very convenient for the client to complete his driving course in the absolute minimum amount of time. (Lightning fast) we have many clients that completed there driving course within 7 days of having contacted us. That will include us having found them a driving test and also having set up the intensive driving course within the 7 days (one week). We specialise in Fast tracking the intensive course with the clients requirements as our unique guide. Thus it is our objective to design a bespoke intensive driving course for the client, matching his or her availability and driving tuition requirements, dependent on the clients driving skill level and ability.

Carcaptain also provides a driving test booking service with a guarantee that we will find you the test on the date that you want the test and at the test centre of your choice. The lightning fast driving test booking service is independent of the Fast track intensive course and the student or client can simply request us to do the driving test booking for them.

Carcaptain and their staff pride themselves in the fact that they are able to guarantee a test, practical driving test as given by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA), on the day that the student requires the test to be done at the test centre of choice.

Our lightning fast driving course carries a guarantee that we will provide a practical driving test for the arranged intensive driving courses at the exact time and date as required for the driving course to be successfully concluded.

The Lightning Fast Track intensive driving course can be in one of the following forms;

5day intensive driving course,

1 week intensive driving course,

3 day crash course in driving,

1 day Lightning Fast track intensive course for your test day,

all the above can be offered in automatic or manual cars.

Just 14 Days from first contact to Licence!

Just one simple click away and your on your way to having your licence next week :

lightning fast course / FastTrack intensive driving course / short notice test booking.

Achieve the freedom you want by taking one of our Lightning FastTrack intensive driving courses.

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