Learner driver insurance on my car already insured?

I read somewhere that my son who is a learner driver will not be able to drive my car if it is already insured so how can I get learner driver insurance for him if my car is already insured?

The Learner driver insurance that we sell is independent of the fact of whether your car is insured. The learner driver insurance policy is stand alone short term insurance policy for the learner driver. If your son/daughter has obtained our learner driver insurance policy and he should have a mishap with the registered car, as our insurance policy is fully comprehensive, the original insurance policy is not affected in any way.

The learner driver (provisional licence holder) is not allowed to drive under any fully comprehensive insurance policy which may be held on a vehicle unless he is mentioned in the policy. The learner driver must either be added to the existing policy, which is normally exorbitantly expensive, or he must hold our independent, standalone learner driver insurance policy which is fully comprehensive and therefore protects any other insurance policies on the named vehicle.

If you click on this link it will take you to our learner driver insurance page.

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