Intensive driving course, and spelling lessons?

Well, at least we can understand Mustaf’s requirements. Not exactly Queens English at the best of times..

This from our CarCaptain Web Chat.

Mustaf: hi
CarCaptain: Hello, how can I help you?
Mustaf: how r u
Mustaf: i need 2 know how much does it cost for crash course
CarCaptain: It depends how many hours you will be taking?
Mustaf: i hv pass thiery test
CarCaptain: How many lessons have you taken in the past?
Mustaf: 5 lesson
Mustaf: i need 2 apply for test in end aug 10
CarCaptain: That’s fine. If you have only had a handful of lessons I would suggest around 38 hours.
Mustaf: i can not take any lesson befor july 10 as i hv my exam
CarCaptain: Which in a manual car costs £783.56.
Mustaf: can i take all lesson in aug 10 and give test as wel
Mustaf: i am ilford
CarCaptain: Yes that would be fine.
Mustaf: how many lesson in £783.56 or is it unlimited
CarCaptain: It’s for 38 hours of lessons.
Mustaf: i can take all 38 lesson in 2 weeks or not
CarCaptain: You can spread them over as long as you would like.
Mustaf: thank you
Mustaf: i come back 2 you
CarCaptain: Thanks.

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