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CarCaptain live chat with Alex;

CarCaptain: How can I help you?
Alex: Hi. I am currently looking through your website, and have a few questions. I am a 20 year old beginner, who wants to get a driving licence. I have not driven before and I have a few free weeks in summer. I want to attend an intensive driving course and get a licence as soon as possible. What are my options with you? I have heard that on average I will need 40 hours?
CarCaptain: The best course for a beginner is a 43 hour intensive course. Basically, you would tell us when you want to do the course and we will make all the arrangements. We would also need to know whether we need to help you get through the theory test, and book the test for you.
Alex: Ok, during those 43 hours, will I also be taught theory? Sorry I am not very familiar with the system. And do you arrange the tests?
CarCaptain: Normally, for most people it is simply for us to provide the material which is required for your theory test. This consists mainly of a DVD set which has all the questions and hazard perception tests on it. This along with a highway code is normally sufficient for the person to be able to do the required study to enable them to pass the test.
CarCaptain: P.S.the 43 hours is normally divided into 40 hours of driving tuition and three hours allocated to the day of the test.
Alex: Ok. So, do you arrange the tests? Time etc. And do you provide some sort of warranty? I know some intensive driving schools warranty for you to pass lets say theory, or they offer an extra free week of tuition?
Alex: Also, where are you based?
CarCaptain: Yes we do arrange all the tests if you require us to do this. We cannot, nor can anybody else guarantee that you will pass either the theory test or the driving test. As for us to be able to guarantee this we would have to bribe the examiners. Most of the time when companies guarantee you a pass they will delay your next test to such an extent that it is not practical to wait the time for the test. In our experience the greater majority of people are quite capable of passing the theory test on their own accord. If someone needs to use valuable driving time for theory test tuition we do not believe this is in the best interests of the student.
CarCaptain: We are based in and around London. On our books we have in excess of 98 driving instructors all approved by the DSA.
Alex: Ok, I live near Camden. Do you have anyone close?
CarCaptain: To cover you for Camden would not be a problem.
Alex: Ok, thank you very much. Generally what is your success rate with those courses?
CarCaptain: Our success rate is very close to 100% for our students. Normally a student has a better than 80% chance of passing their practical driving test after an intensive course. Less time is spent in tuition as an intensive course is very much more effective than hourly driving lessons.
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CarCaptain: Feel free to call us at any time if you need any further information.
Alex: I will call you in the next 10mins to arrange everything. Thank you very much!

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