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Every year in all households coming under a new and formidable medical insurance plan there are those with their doubts and queries. This new medical health plan is coming under fire from those who believe it will bankrupt the state of New York if it ever becomes law. This new health insurance plan is under critisism from those who believe that it will devastate the poor and the working poor while undermining the reasonable successful public health insurance system that is already in place throughout the state of New York. A few explanations are:

  1. Less than $5000.00 in outpatient expense
  2. Less than $30,000.00 for treatment with hospital care
  3. Less than $15,000.00 for hospital benefits for maternity delivery

The difficulty with this is the premium for a family will be $399.00, but yet each family has to pay only .00. Whatś left of the balance due will come from the central government, the state government, and the local municipality’s seat of government. This affordable health insurance plan, though an interesting concept, is unattainable in reality. The first step of this type of health provision will certainly devastate the insurance industry as well as pointed out at

Only time will tell if what it claimed to occur actually does and the insurance industry does have much at stake in this issue. Many of the current insurance companies are considering the task of relocating to neighboring states if this formidable health care provision does come to pass. This will affect the outcome for the self-employed and others.

The fate of all of the residents of New York hangs in the balance. There are some who believe this new insurance implementation will violate the already existing principles of the entire insurance provider industry. This is because of the unrealistic views of what will work and what will leave gaping holes to interpret by the issuer and the holder of the policy.

The general insurance provider is to share the risk, but the high risk to the insurance industry collectively is much too great to absorb readily. Speculators involved in the divisional proportion of this new insurance provision are admitting to the public residence that the first year of implementation will cause much distress to the individual insurance holders. They go on to state that over time there will be improvements both in the allocation of the new health insurance quotes and the workmanship from within the insurance industry as a whole. However, they claim that all future insurance quotes will conform to drastic reductions from where they are at the current time.

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