I have my own car and a provisional licence how do I ensure it?

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I have bought my own car, and it is not my father, mothers, or a friends car, but my very own car. I spend my time polishing and cleaning it but I cannot drive it because I do not have insurance on the car as I am a provisional licence holder. All the sites I visit only refer to cars belonging to some or other related individual or friend. Mind you being a learner driver does kind of tax my family and stretch the friendship bonds. But now I have bought my very own car. All polished uninsured and ready to bounce me out onto the road.  Can I get learner driver insurance on my own car that is uninsured?

Yes, you can get cheap and affordable learner driver insurance on your own car. You can be the only policy holder as a learner driver (as a provisional licence holder) on your own car. The car can be registered in your own name as a provisional licence holder (learner driver) and the policy that we have available gives you a fully comprehensive insurance cover while you are learning to drive. You do not need to be a young driver, the only proviso is that you are the holder of a provisional licence (and learner driver learning to drive a car). Although the learner driver insurance policy is in the name of the provisional licence holder, while the learner driver is driving the car he needs to be supervised and accompanied by a suitably qualified person as mentioned in the learner driver insurance policy. All the key facts and information in relation to this policy are available through the links on our website.

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