How would I go about doing an intensive course from Mottingham?

Geoff: Hi I would be intrested in an intensive course
Carcaptain: How can I help?
Carcaptain: Have you done any previous driving or lessons?
Geoff: yes i have
Carcaptain: Have you had a look at the courses that we offer and how they relate to your previous experience?

5day Intensive driving courses and 5day crash courses in Mottingham South East London.
Geoff: yes i think i just need to brush u on my skills
Carcaptain: Have you done a test yet?
Geoff: yh last september
Carcaptain: Then we would recommend the 11hr or the 15hr depending on how badly you failed last time?
Geoff: how much is that?
Carcaptain: 11hr is £263 and the 15hr is £354
Geoff: kk thanks, is that available in my area i live in mottingham
Geoff: also how soon could i book the test
Carcaptain: Nottingham is out of our area. we cover London and surrounding area. We can get you a test within the next 14days if you wish. Do you have relatives down our way?
Geoff: mottingham south east london
Geof: not nottingham
Carcaptain: Sorry, Mottingham, South East London is no problem at all. We have in excess of 93 instructors who do intensive courses for the school. They are situated all over London and cover the surrounding area as well.
Geof: kk thanks can you check for mottingham
Geof: how to i book the test?
Geof: how do i book the course
Carcaptain: You can make use of our test booking service at a small fee of £19.50. They will find you test on a short notice basis we should not be further than 21 days away.
Carcaptain: Alternatively you can book a test directly on the DSA website.
Carcaptain: If you wish to book a course, you can simply provide me with your e-mail address, mobile telephone number, and full names and I will send you a complete enquiry form.
Geof: thanks Big_Geof$£$_banger@bola.coma am goin away on the 15th of july so before this date would be good
Carcaptain: I will send you a full enquiry form by email. With the details as I understand them. Do we book you in for a 15hr course?
Geof: yes thats what i will like
Geof: does that include everything?
Carcaptain: OK thanks. You will receive the email from us this evening still.
Geof: does the 354 include everything?
Carcaptain: Is there anything else I can help you with?
Geof: i just wanted to kno if the price included the test booking car rental and lessos
Geof: lessons
Carcaptain: No the DSA booking charges and test cover charge for the car need to be added to the price. The DSA booking charges £62 and the test cover charge is £39.
Geof: kk thanks send the email and i will send you all the detal
Carcaptain: Will do – Good luck with your test. Just call if we can be of any further assistance.

Link to 5 Day Intensive Crash course for London and the surrounding areas.

Please feel free to contact Carcaptain about our Intensive driving courses in London and surrounding areas.

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