How To Pass Your Driving Theory Test First Time

Before you can attempt your driving practical test, all learner drivers are required by law to complete and pass the driving theory test. Fortunately, learners can still begin their driving lessons before passing their theory test, which can often help students to learn the theory side of driving before they even take the test.

Before test day

Before you even consider booking your driving theory test, you should make sure that you are completely prepared and confident. All of these methods below are focused around ensuring you acquire the right information and resources, as well as being positive for the test.

  • Practice whilst driving

Although the practical and theory test are two separate sections needed for your full driving license, the theory is primarily used during your practical experience. As a result, there is no better way to learn your theory than when you are driving, as you can utilise what you have learned by demonstrating your knowledge as you drive.

  • Take advantage of available resources

Whether you look on the internet, on the play/app store or simply in a library, there is a wealth of resources now available which are designed around the driving theory test. Every year, the DVSA releases a brand new theory test kit, which is available both online and in paper copy. Additionally, they have their own app which includes most tests, revision notes and much more.

  • Take a mock test

Like with any test, you will always benefit by taking a mock theory test so that you can gain a better understanding of your current capabilities for the test. This is because the test will cover all subject areas within the actual theory test, meaning you will be able to establish what topics may need additional time and revision into. To fully utilise the mock, you could undertake the mock in test conditions, enabling you to gain a better feel of what the real test will be like so you are less nervous on the day.

On test day

  • Take your time

For your multiple-choice test, you have up to 57 minutes to answer just 50 questions, which works out to be 1 minute, 10 seconds per question, plenty of time to answer each question. As a result, always make sure that you double read each question and all the answers, enabling you to guarantee that you have selected the right answer before submitting the final result.

  • Flag tricky questions

Stuck on a tricky question? Don’t worry. Within the multiple-choice test, you can flag any question so that it’s initially marked as unanswered, where you can then go back to these questions at the end of the test once you have spare time to further think about the question.

  • Take a breather

Once you have completed your multiple-choice test, you will then have access to a three-minute break until you are then required to begin the hazard test. Although you may feel that you are fine, a break will always help to calm you down, give you time to breathe and gives you time to prepare quickly in your mind for the next stage.

How we can help

Here at Car Captain, we are one of London’s very best intensive driving course providers, where we can help students to learn to drive in as little as 18 days. In addition to our driving courses, we can also offer additional support with your theory test through our one to one theory tuition. For additional information about all of our services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 020 7099 1232 to speak to our friendly customer service team.

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