How To Know When To Replace Car Battery

car battery replacement

The battery is your car’s heart and soul. And just like a human heart, it needs to be taken care of as well. If a car battery is not being taken good care of, it can result in inconvenient car problems. A car battery will operate effectively, if and only if it is regularly well-maintained.

Without the car battery, the vehicle would of course be useless, it won’t be able to start up. The battery powers up everything on the vehicle so it is really important to understand how it can work well. Once a battery reaches the end of its lifespan, drivers will know about it from warning signs or symptoms.

Below are the common signs and symptoms indicating that the battery needs fixing or replacement. You may want to write down this information to have a reference or better yet, bookmark this page on your computer. Trust me, this information will come in handy someday.

Sign No. 1:

Car takes longer to start than usual. Cranking the engine has become sluggish, and it is becoming sluggish-ier by the day too.

Sign No. 2:

Check engine light. When the check engine signal lights up, is usually means the battery power is already weak.

Sign No. 3:

Battery casing looks like its bloating. Check whether the battery casing look swollen. Excessive heat is the main culprit for bloating battery cases.

Sign No. 4:

Battery starts to leak.

Sign No. 5:

It’s already past its prime. The battery is old and has lasted beyond three years. The car wouldn’t run smoothly with a battery in this condition. It’s time to go to the closest car battery store and get a replacement.

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