How Does One Calculate How Much Life Insurance To Buy?

Although every situation is different there are general guidelines to follow when going over different life insurance quotes and comparing life insurance policies life insurance online.

Monthly Living Expenses to cover :

  • Home Payments / Monthly Rent
  • Revolving Debt (Credit Cards)
  • Auto Loan Payments
  • Groceries / Food / Dining Out-Utilities: Electricity/Water/Trash
  • Mobile Phone Bills / Internet / Cable TV-Gas -Education
  • General Shopping Expenses: Entertainment / Movies / Shopping

Here are other questions that you also need to look at :

  • Should the house be paid off if something happens to the income provider?
  • Should the car be paid off with the death benefit?
  • Would you want your children’s college expenses paid for if something happens?
  • Do you want to have enough life insurance benefit to cover your spouse in case something happens to you?


Life Insurance Quotes Online  – Sum of all expenses:

Take the monthly expenses and multiply by the number of years you want your family’s expenses to be covered

By adding up all your expenses you get 
a crystal clear picture of the actual amount you need each month to protect your family. You’ll feel more at ease knowing this amount and can feel more comfortable purchasing the right term life policy now.

Make sure that you have considered everything when you buy life insurance as it will give you a much better picture of the total life insurance benefit you won’t be able to do without when you actually decide to buy life insurance and protect your family with it. You only need to spend a little time to make sure you have the details right because you buy.

Out of the insurers listed choose the best suited life insurance company for the amount of coverage you desire .

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