How Does Insurer Companies Come Up With Car Insurance Fees?

Insurance premiums are calculated according to several risk factors. These are the areas that idetify the insurance company as most likely to have a great impact on the insured against the forthcoming risk or any risk occured. Insurance is a significant cost associated with the item insured and should not be rushed into. It is always a good idea to shop around for the best price available. Car insurance premiums will vary considerably from insurer to another, so do your homework well.

Search Around

Search for various insurance companies you are most interested in and ask them for a price quote. They can usually give you a rough estimate fairly quickly and even more exact quotes should also be possible if you provide more details and wait. You should also look up insurers online and get instant quotes from their website. This is a very quick and efficient way of shopping around. You will get a good idea of what prices to expect. You may also experiment with the quotation websites to see what effect it creates on your prospective premium price if you opt for various choices. With the influx of insurance policies you will have a number of options that will affect the price of the policy.

Therefore you should think about these options and if there are risks that you do not wish to cover then let the insurer know as your premium should become cheaper.

You should also consider that you do not double insure. It is a principle of insurance that you cannot benefit from the insured event’s occurrence. In essence you cannot get paid twice if you have two insurance policies. So if a risk is already covered by one policy, again let your insurer know so they can remove it from their calculation.


Car insurance premiums usually depend on factors such as what kind of car you are driving, how old it is, how big the engine is, what make and model it is? What kind of car insurance you require also plays a vital part, do you need only liability, or also comprehensive one? What use you will make of the car, for example will you commute to work and how many miles do you plan on driving?

Your driving history will be a strong factor in determining your risk, and linked to this will be the age of the driver, with younger drivers being significantly more at risk of being involved in an accident. If you are young, your sex will also be an important risk factor, however if you are older sex usually becomes less significant.

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