Guaranteed pass intensive/crash driving course.

Fast Track guaranteed pass intensive/crash driving course and courses.

Many companies offer a guaranteed pass intensive driving course. Carcaptain driving schools have recently added these types of courses to their intensive driving course package. The driving guaranteed pass course requires that an evaluation of the student’s ability be fully evaluated before the pricing structure of the course can be agreed. If the student requires a guarantee that they will pass their driving course it is necessary for the student to attend one of our evaluation courses which will include an extended test to see if the student has any learning difficulties that need to be taken into consideration.

As always, we take giving a guarantee that you will pass your driving course very seriously. To be able to give a guarantee that you will pass your driving course it is necessary for us to be sure that we have fully evaluated the risks that are associated with giving the guarantee that you will pass your driving course. We do not do the driving test with a student unless the student has an 80% or better chance of passing their driving test. Therefore for the student to get a guarantee that they will pass their driving test through the tuition facilities of carcaptain driving schools the student is obligated to have a full evaluation and assessment before we will commit the student onto the FastTrack guaranteed pass driving course.

At the time of writing this post the evaluation and assessment will cost the student £46.00 (fourty six british pounds) which is deductible from their course fees should they decide to continue with the guaranteed pass crash driving course after their evaluation.

Unlike many other companies carcaptain driving schools have available the facility to FastTrack a driving course of this nature in that they are able to get a student into a test within 14 days of having been contacted and the necessary Administration having been completed by the student.

Furthermore, once the student has completed his initial phase of the guaranteed pass course, every attempt will be made by carcaptain intensive driving course schools for the student to obtain a FastTrack driving test, which intervals should not exceed 14 to 30 days between tests.

Although the student is on the guaranteed pass course, we are still obligated to observe by the DSA a period of 10 working days between practical driving tests. The student will not be presented for test until he is able to effectively pass the mock driving test. The mock driving test, for the guaranteed pass student, entails the ability for the student to proficiently and efficiently manage all the manoeuvres on first attempt. Furthermore, the degree of training in these courses has to be of an exceptionally high standard as the obligation and risks to carcaptain driving schools has to be managed to the highest degree possible.

On many occasions, we have had to retrain intensive guaranteed pass driving course students who have been offered these types of courses by other driving schools. On most occasions we find that these schools are outside, all very far from London, this in itself offers problems for the student, based in London, to follow through on the guarantees that have been given by these remote schools. Furthermore, the fine print which is associated with these types of courses by other schools makes it extremely tedious and difficult for the guaranteed pass student to actually draw on the guarantee given by the remote school.

The guaranteed pass course, is a FastTrack course which will be specifically designed to the requirement of the individual student, and we will make every effort to ensure that we take into consideration the abilities and skills as dictated by the individual student.

If you wish to do a guaranteed pass FastTrack course, a driving guaranteed pass, a guaranteed pass crash course, or any course to obtain your driving licence which involves a guaranteed pass you are welcome to contact our offices for further information and booking.

Our administrative staff, who are specialists on the guaranteed pass course, will need to register you with all your details, we also require the information regarding your past driving experience, which should include the number of tests you have already taken and the information surrounding those tests. We need a deposit of £77.77p (seventy seven and 77/100 ponds) to set up your guaranteed pass Fast this isthere areTrack intensive crash course.

Please feel free to discuss any matters which require further clarification with our office and administrative staff.

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