Guaranteed pass driving courses.

We are the Guaranteed Pass course specialists. Over the last couple of years we have been approached by many students who have had endless problems passing their practical driving tests. As a result of our guaranteed pass driving courses, all the students who have approached us for a guaranteed pass have been successful in achieving their dreams of obtaining their driving licences without fail.

Often we find that they have inherent basic problems that are not being resolved. The students that have been requesting that we setup an intensive driving course with a Guaranteed pass element are often under pressure to get their driving licence as soon as possible. The reasons for this are often diverse, but we at Carcaptain pride ourselves that we have never taken on a course which has not been successfully concluded within the time frame agreed by the student.

Our Guaranteed pass driving courses are designed around the short comings of the student and their availability and specific requirements.

We are often asked “How does the Guaranteed pass driving course work?” the first stage of getting a guaranteed pass driving course arranged is to set up an evaluation lesson, we offer these courses for people, who are beginners and also for the more experienced learner driver.

The evaluation lesson will be for free subject to you taking our offer of the guaranteed pass driving course. Initially you need to put on file a deposit of £46 for a manual evaluation and £51 for a automatic evaluation. if you do not except our guaranteed pass intensive driving course then the evaluation deposit fees are void. However, should you except our offer of a guaranteed pass intensive driving course the deposit fee will become part payment of the total amount due.

Every guaranteed pass course, is done on an individual contract by contract basis with the client, after a full evaluation. With this course, you are guaranteed to pass, we will initially give you a set of intensive driving course lessons to enable you to sit our guaranteed test when you are ready to do so.

We offer the following courses under a guaranteed pass intensive driving course;

Guaranteed pass, guaranteed to pass, guaranteed driving pass, guaranteed pass course, crash course guaranteed pass, driving crash course guaranteed pass, guaranteed driving test, you are guaranteed to pass your driving test. The courses are offered in an intensive driving courses London guaranteed pass format.

Please feel free to contact us for any further information and to make the necessary arrangements.

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