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Composite contributory Driving lesson Gift voucher.

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When a person buys a gift voucher for their acquaintance from Carcaptain driving schools we open an account for the beneficiary of the gift voucher.

Various people can then purchase separate gift vouchers for the same beneficiary from Carcaptain driving schools. That means that the beneficiary can contact his friends and family to build up an account for his driving lessons with the company.

It is probably better for most young potential drivers to use a scheme like this and accumulate potential driving lessons and or an intensive course, than receive presents which are not normally fit for purpose.

The contributory gift voucher scheme can be paid for by making use of one of the following methods;
Telephone payment,
direct bank transfer,
Google payment,
or by sending us a cheque.

The amount which you wish to contribute in the form of a gift voucher to the specific beneficiary is mute. The only proviso is that the amount should exceed £5.00 (five pounds) per gift voucher.

If the gift voucher in question is less than £30.00 in value but more than £5.00, the gift voucher sheet is sent electronically by e-mail to the contributor. If the contributor wishes to receive the gift voucher sheet in my copy by mail there is an additional £3.00 payable for the service.

If the gift voucher in question is more than £30 then we will automatically offer to send out the gift voucher sheet in hard copy format by post.

You can find information on our guaranteed pass driving courses, and intensive driving courses London guaranteed pass on this link.



contributor ~ the person who wants to give the gift voucher

beneficiary ~ the person receiving the gift voucher who can accumulate contributions from different contributors under one account with Carcaptain  driving schools for his driving lessons or driving course.

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