Get an Insured car and your licence ~Combo © driving course.

The all in one package that gets you your new car, with stand alone learner driver insurance, so that you can practice while taking an intensive Fast Track driving course.

This is the new Combo driving course ©,

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All inclusive insurance and new car, theory test, intensive driving course, complete set of tuition material, home work and driving practice and tuition Logbook. Then Young driver insurance once you have passed your practical driving test and taken your free Pass Plus course.

Get a new car with insurance, (included in the package)

Intensive Combo © driving lessons from day one tailored to get you into a position to drive and practice with your new car ,

Learner driver insurance ~ you can start driving immediately,

All the DVD’s and study material for your pending theory test,

Theory test booking,

Combo course driving lessons,

Instructor Logbook and student practice Log book,

Mock tests, (All the while you can drive and practice in your new car under your Learner driver insurance.)

Pass the practical driving test,

Immediate and pre-arranged young driver insurance on your new car,

Pass Plus course.

All the above for one simple and cheap price;  you can have your licence in two to three weeks after you turn 17.

Total  access to your new car under this scheme from the get-go. This is the new Combo course from CarCaptain.

The combo course product.(Contact CarCaptain)

The whole idea of this package is to offer the young driver a complete course, along with all the insurance he is required to have from start to finish.

The contents of the proposed package is as follows;

three (3) months of learner driver insurance from the date of delivery of the car, (any additional learner driver insurance will be at the expense of the student)

Young driver insurance from the date that the student has passed his practical driving test.

Cars available on the scheme include the all new Vauxhall Corsa, Golf, Toyota Yaris, Ford Fiesta and many others.

Carcaptain will be responsible for the administration and liaison of the package;

The package includes the following,
One on One tuition ~ individually assigned approved CarCaptain driving instructor (DSA registered.)
Booking the theory test,
Pre-booking a practical driving test,
Arrangement and implementation of an intensive driving course which includes continual practice elements and integration of private, home-work style, driving in the students new car.

The driving course will include;

Two attempts at the theory test,
Two attempts at the practical driving test,
The intensive course element under instruction will start with a minimum period of;
23 hours of driver instructor supervision,
varying periods, increasing in elements of five hours, up to 48 hours,
a Free Pass Plus course on successful completion of the practical driving test.
Any excess on the above will be for the student’s own account.

Carcaptain has on numerous occasions been able to get a student their driving licence within 14 days from the date that the student contacts us.

This package will probably take between 5 to 21 days to set up on a per student basis.

The student’s CarCaptain driving instructor will  be provided with a complete course schedule and procedure as arranged for the individual student and his requirements. Furthermore, we will detail the various elements which the student must practice in his own car to complement the course.

The young driver insurance on the new vehicle is part and parcel of the whole package.

Please contact us if you have any queries. (CLICK here to Contact CarCaptain about the Combo course)

Learner driver insurance on your new Vauhall Corsa
Get driving in your new Vauxhall Corsa

4 Comments on “Get an Insured car and your licence ~Combo © driving course.

  1. Wow! This seems a real neet idea. Can I have a full quote on a Golf GTI – GTD R. Will you deliver for my son in Dagenham, Essex, United Kingdom?

  2. In the UK drivers licences are either full or provisional. Please see our Provisional drivers licence section. No need to add the learner driver to your insurance we can offer you a stand alone learner driver insurance on almost any car up to Group 16. Please feel free to browse our site for car Learner insurance and Young driver insurance. depending on which package you opt in for the learner driver insurance is fully comprehensive and does not effect the no claims bonus or insurance which may be on the car by any third party insurance company.

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