Finding The Best Mitutoyo Calipers For The Job

A caliper is a tool used to accurately measure distance and space between two opposite areas of the object. The tool is simple to use. The caliper’s tips can be moved to fit on the opposite points on the object that needs measuring. After fitting on the points, the Mitutoyo caliper displays the distance between the two points on a ruler featured on the caliper. Given below are guidelines on how to use and maintain the tool.


Make sure that you place the caliper in the right areas to get an exact reading. For instance, while measuring a plate’s thickness, the Mitutoyo caliper should be positioned at a right angle on the piece. You will not be able to find an accurate reading if you set the jaws diagonally on the plate. The same technique must be applied to measure irregular or round objects.


Measurement accuracy does not only depend on the caliper but also on the skill used by the operator. Something to remember when you are measuring the surface of the object is to make sure you are making a even contact with it. As both the caliper and the object will have some level of elasticity, using force on the caliper will also affect the final measurement. The operator should only use a firm, consistent touch to get the most accurate measurement. Applying too much force while using the caliper can result in under-indication, whereas applying less force can result in insufficient contact or over-indication.


All types of calipers require a scale for measurement. Mitutoyo calipers feature a scale that can be used to measure the distance and space between opposite areas of an object. The operator needs to have good vision to get accurate readings. The tools come with a digital screen to get a precise reading from the calipers.


If a caliper is not maintained properly, the device will lose its ‘zero’. Once you close the calipers jaw’s completely there should be a measurement of zero. If the device fails to do so, it must be repaired or recalibrated. The Mitutoyo calipers include buttons that are set and will take the scale to zero once the jaws are shut. A caliper which is set on zero when shut, allows the operator to get quick and accurate readings.


Digital, dial or vernier calipers are used for different purposes such as measuring the space between holes and depth of an object. Mitutoyo calipers need to be maintained carefully if you want accurate readings. Avoid dropping or rough-handling your calipers as it can change the zero scale and give you false readings.

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