Finding The Best Individual Health Insurance In The Exchange

Folks are starting to wonder about the best individual healthcare insurance that’ll be offered to them in the health care insurance exchange. While we don’t have all the details to hand at this time, we do have details relating to the levels of plans that will be allowed for purchase. The plans will be offered at four “metal levels” Of platinum, gold, silver, and bronze. Each level will be priced accordingly to their cost sharing qualities.

Platinum plans will be the best individual health insurance option, but most likely toting the biggest ticket. That is because of the fact that this plan only needs a 10% cost sharing by the client, with the plan covering 90% of admissible hospital charges. A higher level will be gold, with a 20% coinsurance. To bring the premium down even more will be the choice of a silver level, with 70% of your medical expenses being covered. Ultimately, the bronze option will be the minimum price available with a 40% exposure to out of pocket medical costs. Hence how to decide which plan is best will be the question.

There will be a lot more items to contemplate before choosing a plan. One will be to calculate eligibility for premium subsides. If qualified, clients will be in a position to select a richer plan with less out of pocket expenses. Another is to select each plan per individual needs. Somebody with more in depth medical wants would be far better off at a higher metal level while those with little medical wants could go for a basic level.

AnthemBlue Cross California will be participating in the exchange, and has been conscientiously working to ensure provider contracts are in place well before January 1, 2014. They have created the “Anthem Individual/Exchange Network”, which will exist both inside and outside the exchange to ensure that they remain huge rivals in the market. While consultants will have the right to back out of the network, Anthem Blue Cross California is assured the fee schedule will be appealing enough to maintain a big network for their members.

Finding the best individual health insurance in 2014 will definitely be a challenge , and a huge change from the way that we have formerly shopped for health insurance. it is vital to keep on top of information, and actually make sure you understand your options before jumping head on into the exchange. If it is easier to remain with a familiar face like Blue Cross California, or try another option will depend upon every individual consumer. The way ahead for health insurance is changing greatly, and we want to confirm it works in our favor.

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