Finding pet insurance in Northern Ireland

Today we own pets for many more reasons than we once did. Today pets, particularly dogs and cats, are considered are thought of as members of the family and as such, we want to know that they’re protected against illness or accidents that may cause high vet bills. When looking for pet insurance Northern Ireland there are a range of policies on offer.

Costs associated with pet care

Along with the rise in popularity of pets as the years have gone by the cost of looking after them has also risen. You possibly might easily spend up to £12,000 on your pet in a lifetime. Considering their life span is not near as long as ours, this can add up to quite a large amount of money. However, because we love our pets, we want to make sure we are able to provide them with good medical should the need arise.

Factors to consider when looking for pet insurance

The first step in finding good pet insurance in Northern Ireland is knowing what type of coverage you need and what you can afford. There are basic policies you can purchase, which may offer you what you consider adequate insurance against the most common vet bills. However a simple cheap basic policy may not be to your advantage as it may not provide adequate cover.

Routine care and examinations for our pets may not be an expense we like to pay, but many times these add up to a considerable sum of money. The types of vet bills that can become overwhelming are typically those of an emergency stemming from an accident or an illness that needs immediate attention. Having immediate medical care for your pet may mean the difference between you losing your pet and it recovering and living a happy, healthy life.

Look for protection for your pet that has premiums you can afford to pay but still provides good coverage for possible large vet bills. Is the amount of insurance dropped as your pet ages? Do they have a large deductible or excess amount you have to pay before your insurance company will begin to pay? Will they provide you with physical liability if you’re away from home? Are there exclusions (things they will not cover)? Any of these questions should be asked before you rush into taking out your pet insurance policy.

How you may be able to keep down the cost of your pet insurance


  • Shop around for the best pet insurance for your money.
  • Insure your pet when it’s young as start up insurance for the older pet typically costs more each month.
  • Check for special rates is you apply online.
  • Check with your home or auto insurance for possible discounts if they also offer pet insurance.
  • Don’t drop one policy until you’ve found one that’s less expensive with the same or better coverage.
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