Fast Track intensive driving course. (Cheap intensive driving course)

Fast Track intensive driving course. (Condensed driving course/ crash course driving)

CarCaptain intensive course driving school.

Before anyone can begin learning how to drive they need to obtain a provisional drivers licence from the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) here at CarCaptain we aim to assist our clients at every step of the learning process, including when applying for their provisional licence so we are at hand to point you in the right direction and provide any other assistance if needed.

As soon as you have received your licence we can book you a theory test, the governing body for all things driving test related in the UK are the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) and they insist that you pass a theory test before booking a practical driving test. We can usually find our clients a short notice theory test within one week of booking their course with us at a test centre local to them. The revision process for the theory test is fairly straight forward; we can provide you with both a paper copy of the Highway Code and a CD-ROM which enables you to practise both the multiple choice and the hazard perception element of the theory exam.

Once your theory test is out of the way we can concentrate on finding you a practical driving test and arranging all of your lessons.

We can cater for automatic driving lessons or manual driving lessons.

Here at CarCaptain we do offer the normal long-term type of driving lessons taken once or twice a month but it is our opinion that this is a very inefficient way of learning to drive.

The main differences between the normal standard learning to drive method and intensive courses is laid out in an article published on our website.

The link below will take you to the article;

Why do a Fast Track intensive/crash condensed driving course.

In summary however;

FastTrack intensive driving course. (5 day intensive driving course/crash course)
Conventional hourly driving lessons.
Much greater knowledge retention from lesson to lesson.
Bleed off in knowledge between lessons. Greater repetition in teaching methods.
30 to 40% better use of time while teaching as leading and lead out times are almost completely eliminated.
Comparative lead in and lead out times may be as much as 300% to 400% more. highly inefficient usage of learning time.
Student gets exposed to a wider range of roads as there is more time to travel to more distant places to increase experience.
The student ends up travelling the same roads, getting the same experience, over and over without an extension or test of new environments.
Very much less frustrating for the student as he makes quick and effective progress.
Student loses interest and find it very frustrating as progress is extremely slow and repetitive teaching takes place.
The instructor, is more effective as he can continue with his lessons where you left off with the student yesterday. Thereby, easily picking up from yesterdays lessons.
The instructor is much less efficient as he may have had as many as 40 students since he last had the current student in his car. He therefore find it extremely difficult to follow on from the previous lesson.
Intensive courses can be up to 40% cheaper as a result of the bitter usage of time.
Normal hourly lessons are very expensive way of learning to drive.

We offer courses between 11 and 43 hours in length, the course can be spread over as many days as you would like it is possible to take as little as 2 or as many as 7 hours per day depending on how much time you have and how long you can concentrate for.

How to determine what intensive driving course would be best suited to your requirements.

Please refer to the attached schedule of the different courses available. The table is also available on our website and will assist the client in determining the length of course suitable for them.

Practical driving tests are always in high demand and most test centres have a lengthy waiting list, as long as 4 months, we pride ourselves on finding short notice cancellations (Fast Track driving test service) for our clients so you can expect to be sitting your practical test around 10 days after your theory test. Obviously if you would rather have your test later or alternatively you definitely need an earlier test we will do anything we can to accommodate.

Before the test you will have a mock test so that you can see exactly how a test works and are totally prepared for the big day! Your instructor is available to help you with any issues you may have, they’re main consideration is to ensure that you are comfortable in the car and ready for your driving test.

CarCaptain is a well-established company that covers all areas within the M25 and most areas just outside; wherever a client is we try our best to find them a brilliant instructor. We currently have over 150 fully qualified (DSA approved and registered) instructors on our books and continue to support all of them to perfect their teaching skills. During a typical week we take intensive course bookings for dozens of clients, most of these are short notice and so we have to be extremely organised and on the ball to make sure that everyone gets the test date and centre that they want.

Although we specialise in intensive driving courses we also offer weekly lessons for clients that would rather learn over a longer period of time; most of the people who contact us however are in hurry to get their driving licences due to either personal or work reasons. Intensive courses are becoming increasingly popular because they are not only extremely cost effective and the cheapest way to learn to drive and are also a quick and simple way of getting a driving licence. As the lessons are taken over a short period of time it is easier for the client to remember exactly what they need to for the test, driving for a few hours per say also means that different driving conditions are experienced rather than having a lesson at the same time every week over the same section of roads.

For more information on “Why take an intensive course?” please see our website for a complete write up.

CarCaptain has an exceptional high first-time pass rate but we are always prepared if a client does fail their test; we ensure that any extra lessons required are booked a soon as possible and find another test for the client as soon as their 10 day cooling off period is over. The DSA insist on this 10 day delay to make sure that the client has adequate time to brush up on the aspects of driving that they failed on.

For further reading you can read our article on the various points which you need to consider when designing your FastTrack intensive driving course. Just follow the link on this text.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information. This link will take you to Carcaptain intensive course contact page.

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