Fast Track intenisve driving course Notting Hill, London

Chris: How can I be of assistance?
Sumaiya: If i do a one week intensive driving course do you arrange the driving test and how much is it?
Chris: Yes we arrange the driving test for the end of your course, and yes it can all be done next week, and yes this is all possible . When would you like to start?
Chris: The cost varies according to the number of hours you want to do?
Sumaiya: I think I want 43hrs with the test at the end. How much would that be?
Sumaiya: Hello!
Chris: Sorry I am still here, just had to take another call in the meantime.
Chris: If you did the 43 hour course it would cost you £858.71 for manual. Have you done your theory test yet?
Sumaiya: OK
Sumaiya: Yes I did it yesterday
Chris: That’s just great.
Sumaiya: So a one week course with the test at the end, is how much?
Sumaiya: I live in Nottinghill
Chris: Therefore excluding the theory test you will need another additional £130 more or less over and above the £858 = a total of £988.00 all in. This is a take it today price.
Chris: There are no driving test centres in central London. Normally we like to conduct the intensive driving courses in the areas in which you are going to do your test.
Chris: If we had to arrange home pickup for your intensive dr9iving course it would be an additional cost. You can specify that you require home pickup for intensive driving course, if you require it.
Chris: Home pickup for your intensive driving course in your case would be an adition £13.00 per day.
Sumaiya: Ok so where is nearest to w2 and How much will the total be?
Chris: Otherwise it is normal for students who live in the very centre of London to travel to the test area. We run the courses in the closest test centre, most convenient test centre for you to travel to by underground or buss.
Chris: Do you require home the pickup?
Sumaiya: no, I can travel each day. So the 43 hours plus the test will be £988?
Chris: Thats it, and is a quote for you today, would you like for us to book it for you.
Chris: If you send me your e-mail address I can send you an enquiry form? Or if you like I can give you a call. The 43 hour Fast Track intenisve driving course, at such short notice, does take quite a lot of arranging
Sumaiya: Great let grt it booked in, here is my email addres Sumaiyaquick& plse send me the enqury frm?

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