Fast Track Driving crash course?

A question for Carcaptain about intensive driving courses driving crash courses and crash course driving.


to whom it may concern,

I would be interested in your crash course
For advanced learners.
I have failed my practical test 3 times and I had less than 7 minor faults on my last test.
Can you please give me a call to discuss your various courses on 083 000 997.
In addition I would like to know if you will be able to get a test date in south London: Morden or South Norwood within the next 2 weeks.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Many Thanks,



Dear Deborah,

The driving crash course can be arranged so that you can do the course along with a test at the end of the course, all within the next two weeks. It is not a problem for us to set up the crash course driving with a test at your desired test centre. We will be able to find you test at Morden or South Norwood.

Please see our guaranteed FastTrack driving test page at the link which I have provided you below.

Lightning fast track intensive driving courses with a guaranteed driving test cancellation booking.

We always design our intensive driving courses in direct consultation with the requirements of the student. The first element is normally to establish the length of the course, this will mean that we need to take into consideration the number of driving lessons, private driving hours and any other driving experience which may be applicable. The age and dexterity of the student also plays an important role.

The second element to consider is the number of hours that the student is capable of doing in any one session. So your driving crash course will be designed keeping in mind your capacity, level of interest and concentration level is related to driving lessons. Our recommendation is not to do less than three hours in any one time, and only in circumstances of absolute necessity to do more than seven hours in one sitting. Learning to drive is extremely taxing and requires a very high level of concentration from the student. For this reason it is much more beneficial to tailor make the intensive driving course lessons taking into consideration the factors mentioned above.

The third element that needs to be considered is when the student is available to do the intensive course driving lessons. We take into consideration the fact that the student might be working, obviously the optimum position is when the student has taken off or is intending to take off time to be able to do the lessons. It is always our intention to arrange the course with the test on the last day after the intensive courses. Even in extreme circumstances, with only six days of notice when the student is able to do the test, we have still managed to get the student a test for his course.

Please review the following pages to give you further background to our driving crash course, crash course driving lessons, intensive driving courses.

Driving crash course, intensive driving courses, crash course driving, crash course driving lessons.

How to design your own intensive driving courses so that you get the best driving crash course available.

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Guaranteed pass driving crash course with the intensive driving courses lessons.

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You are welcome to examine the carcaptain reviews which have been posted on the blog. We only post reviews which have been sent to us by our students as they are continual measure of our performance.

We will be contacting you shortly as per your request about the driving crash course.

If you have any further questions in regard to crash course driving and intensive driving courses please feel free to send us an e-mail in this regard.

thank you for your enquiry.

Kind regards,


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