Driving Test Cancellations List Register

Driving Test Cancellations List Register.

If you wish to register on our driving test cancellations list just follow this link.

When you have signed up to our driving test cancellation list (TCL), you will receive a thank you letter from Carcaptain setting out what the next steps are.Firstly, your information is entered onto our system and we contact you to verify the aspects of your requirements. Once we have done a complete verification of what you need you will be asked for a £2.98 registration fee which is non-refundable. If you wish to send us a friend request we will on verification credit this to your account, and you will be receiving a £2.98 discount against the cost of finding you a practical driving test.

Our driving test cancellation list has been established so that you can do the administrative login online and so that our staff are not tied up getting detailed information, which firstly may be inaccurate because of misinterpretations and understandings as a result of the communication across the telephone lines.

Once we have all this information we are able to register you on our test findings priority list and at that stage we can edit any moment matchup your criteria to tests that we have on the system.

The process requires that we have operators consistently monitoring the test that become available through the bog in procedures with the driving standards agency. It is therefore also possible for you as a client to do a similar thing the only problem being that it would be extremely tedious and difficult for you to find a test that matches your criteria. Our driving test cancellation’s team are trained experts in the process and generally always successful in obtaining a driving test cancellations test for the incumbent learner driver.

Please go to the following link if you are unclear as to what the process involves.

Register here on our driving test cancellations list  register.

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