Driving Test Cancellation List

Driving Test Cancellation List

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Driving test cancellation list register is only one click away. In the past there has never been anything like a driving test cancellation list but because Carcaptain driving schools and intensive course one of the leading institutions in the United Kingdom for driving lessons one and driving courses they have now instituted a driving test cancellation list.

How does the driving test cancellation list work?

The driving test cancellation list is made up of students who  need to cancel their driving tests for various reasons. Amongst the reasons for cancelling a driving test would be that the student is not ready to take the driving test and therefore does not want to take the risk of losing the driving test fee because they do not pass the test. If this happens there is always the danger that they will be locked into a period, which the driving test standards agency refers to the cool off period.

What is the cool off period?

The cool off period is 10 working days. It is a period of time in which you are not able to book a second third or fourth driving test, and as the driving standards agency reflects you need to cool off.

How is the cool off period counted?

The cool off period is counted as clear working days starting one day after the day on which you sat your practical driving test and ending the day before you can sit your next driving test, and it includes Mondays to Saturday but not Sunday or public holidays. Effectively this will mean that you will be locked out by the driving standards agency systems for 10 clear working days or approximately 13 to 14 calendar days, depending on the number of Sundays and public holidays between the two test dates.

How do I register for the driving test cancellation list?

You register on the driving test cancellation list by submitting your name and details to the list at the following link:

Register now on this link for the driving test cancellation list.


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