Designer intensive/crash driving courses.

CarCaptain driving school specialises in designing an intensive course for the learner driver in accordance with his/her scheduled availability and requirements. The first decision the Learner driver has to make is as to whether they want an intensive course which will put them onto a Fast Track method of obtaining their driving licence. (14 days from first contact to licence.)

The decision tree for this type of Fast Track Intensive driving course will go along the following lines;

  • Have you obtained your provisional driving license from the DVLA?
  • What tests need to be taken, theory test, – practical driving test?
  • How many hours of driving have you completed; how many hours are under formal tuition ~ from a registered driving instructor (ADI)? How many hours of informal driving instruction ~ have you received from the Dad, Mom friend or Girlfriend etc..?
  • Have you done any Practical driving tests previously, how many and what where the things you failed on?
  • When are you available, and/or when do you want to start the course?
  • What times are you available for the structured Intensive (Crash) course?
  • When do you want to do your test or what time restraints govern the date by which you have to have your test completed?

What the CarCaptain team will do once they have all the above information;

  • Arrange to send you the course material you require for your course.
  • Match you up with the Test Centres that suit your place of residence or the place where you will be staying while you are on your Fast Track intensive driving course.
  • Match you up with a CarCaptain DSA approved driving instructor. (ADI) To suit your Fast Track intensive driving course and to guide and help you every step of the way.
  • Book all the Tests you need to suite your schedule and Diary.

CarCaptain specializes in getting you a short notice test and Fast Track course to the requirements of the demanding professional student who realizes that time is money and quick finish is cheaper and much more cost effective and above all rewarding.

The impossible just takes a little longer to do.

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