CT House Owner’s Jewelry Insurance Coverage

When you need jewelry insurance coverage, does your Connecticut homeowners insurance policy properly protect your jewelry?

As I was doing a little holiday shopping recently, one of my missions was to go visit a jewelry shop in the mall where I was shopping. I needed to check out several present ideas I had in mind.

I went into the jewelry shop and nearly considered leaving right away. The bunch of people lined up at each display counter was awful. Unfortunately, I have been a little behind on shopping this year so I made up my mind to stick it out. Anyhow, as I patiently waited my turn to get up to the counter and look at what I came in for, I observed an engagement purchase and a few other kind of big selections on high-value jewelry.

Buying beautiful jewelry in the holiday season or at any other time of year is almost always an exciting time. However, witnessing these high-value purchases and the large amount of traffic at the jewelry store made me think that it’s a great time of year to send out this reminder.

Jewelry and other valuable items have very limited coverage under a conventional Connecticut house owner insurance policy. Jewelry burglary spikes round the holiday and vacation seasons.

You can keep your jewelry items safe and protected in just one or two steps…

Speak with a Connecticut insurance pro about getting the right jewelry insurance coverage for your needs.

A standard Connecticut householder’s insurance policy does include some insurance coverage for jewelry and other valuable items. Nonetheless most Connecticut homeowner’s insurance policies limit jewelry insurance coverage to about $1000.00. Extra insurance protection for your jewelry and other valuable items is not just affordable, it’s easy to add and will give you confidence realizing that you are covered.

Take precaution during any holidays and vacations!

Transporting jewelry and even getting dressed up in your favorite sparkly items for vacation parties can make you a target for theft during the vacation and holiday seasons, a point in time when jewelry claims are 17% higher, on average.

For more information about protecting jewelry during holidays and vacation, be sure to speak wih your insurance pro for increased peace of mind.

For any questions about the contents of this essay or about Connecticut owners insurance, come visit V.F. McNeil Insurance. We are always pleased to help.

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