Crash courses driving and intensive driving courses, Guaranteed Pass driving courses.

Carcaptain intensive driving courses have launched a new mobile crash courses driving website. carcaptain is considered one of the major players for driving instructors who can do intensive driving courses. The company has developed bespoke process for approaching the design of a driving course to suit the needs of an individual learner driver. The basic principles of the driving course for the learner driver are governed by the individuals requirements and schedule.


An intensive course driving instructor will take the learner driver out on any assessment, evaluation for two hours, to determine the extent and ability of the learner driver taking into consideration his past experience in driving. Furthermore, the incumbent learner driver is taught a new exercise or procedure which he has not use before, and one that he is not familiar with, the purpose of this is to determine the rate of learning of the learner driver, his retention ability and short-term memory, and above all his ability to convert instructions into fluent application of practical driving skill.


When considering all these factors this will determine the capacity and rate of learning for the specific student. After discussion with the learner driver surrounding all these aspects the instructor will be able to estimate, with reasonable accuracy, the extent of time or number of hours which the learner driver will require for his crash course driving. The purpose of the intensive driving course evaluation is further to determine whether it is feasible to offer the incumbent learner driver and intensive driving course guaranteed pass for him to consider. It will also be a matter of whether the learner driver wants to do a crash course driving or an intensive driving course guaranteed pass?


When the assessment lesson is over for the driving crash course carcaptain intensive driving courses will offer the student a price for the intensive driving course guaranteed pass.


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