Concept Cars From BMW

A car which BMW likes to think of as ‘a whole new approach to automotive design’ rather than a concept car is called the Gina Light Visionary Model. The GINA, which means Geometry and Functions In “N” Adaptions, is manufactured with an eight cylinder front mounted engine and a rear drive platform. Want to find out more about the 2012 BMW 3 Series, then visit Pierre Vasquaz’s site on BMW cars for your needs.

The surface area of the car will be covered in a material which is new and very resistant to expansion. The sub frame will be constructed from light aluminum and will have the ability to be moved with electric and hydraulic controls. You can change the cars surface for a new look. GINA has unique headlights they will be hidden under the skin of the car when not in use.

The luxury BMW 328 Mille Miglia Touring Coupe is a great example of a sophisticated concept design. This design was taken from the Z4 and the BMW 328 and these original cars have set records which still stand today. The 1940 BMW ran a 1000 mile race at an average of 167 kph and this record has not yet been broken.

The Touring Coupe concept car is created with the new Z4 M Coupe in mind. It will have a 3,2 litre I-6 engine with 330 horsepower. It is slightly longer than the original, and includes a hinged roof for easy access.

One new concept design is the BMV Vision Efficient Dynamic. It shows the vehicle uses it’s technology and is efficient. Similar to a small car is the fuel efficiency of this type of car. Combined with efficient dynamics and use of Active Hybrid Technology this car will have a fuel consumption of 3.76 L/100 km and a CO2 emission of 99 g/km.

On the electric version the brake energy regeneration system will help charge the lithium-polymer battery whilst driving. Inside the car will have a thermoelectric generator as an on board power supply along with the latest energy management tools available.

The BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics Design is said to be a 4 seat sports car with an efficiency appeal. It will feature material that are sustainable and extremely lightweight.

These new concept designs from BMW are exciting and open up a whole new world of possibilities as to what a future car might look like.

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