Category: CarCaptain Ode to our students

Thoughts and comments about those magnificent and wonderful people we get the opportunity to teach to drive.

The City and the Banker.

The city would be stone walls and bricks, with ghostly memories that are captured in graffiti if the bodies of flesh are stripped away.  5 am Sunday morning when the last swingers stagger into the glaring light of the early

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Wheels with Spokes all in Rubber.

20 years on a bicycle in London. There are no gears on the bike any more. Just one cog at the back and woe betide don’t dare look at that iron strapped to two wheels and think you would but

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History, dust and stain.

When was it that I was but 17. Now we have but 2 * 10 Score years left and then some more borrowed time. Tied into dust from Vatican to Cromwell and the mind has wondered Europe buried in the

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Ode to a remarkable Student!

Ode to a student learning to drive very bravely.

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