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Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Learning to Drive

As soon as you turn 17, one of the most notable thoughts that often run through your head is that you are now legally able to learn to drive. Having the ability to drive opens up endless opportunities for activities,

What To Do If You Fail The Practical Driving Test

It’s estimated that only 47% of learner drivers pass their driving practical test for the first time, so its understandable if you have concerns about failing. Although obtaining your driving licence may seem like one of the biggest priorities, one

Understanding The Different Speed Limits

If you are preparing for your practical driving test, it is important to fully understand the various speed limits that apply throughout England and Wales, as well as the entire UK. During your driving lessons, you should be learning about

Driving At Night – Tricks & Tips

Whether you are a highly-experienced driver or recently passed, driving at night can be a scary and potentially dangerous experience. This is because there are countless opportunities for error, partly due to the darkness, but also because of human interaction.

10 Tips To Help You Relax Before Your Driving Test

If you are doing your intensive driving course with Car Captain and your driving instructor tells you are ready for your practical test – it is now time to prepare and get ready for your examination. Like with any test,

5 Ways To Impress Your Driving Examiner

Regardless of how many hours you require to learn to drive, the examination is the most critical time to determine if you are fully prepared. Although the main role of the examiner is to watch your overall driving experience, there

Selected Roundabout Tutorials

Basic roundabout video. This video by East End is a good introductory to roundabouts. It shows the mirror signal manoeuvre routine. How this MSM routine is applied when approaching the roundabout. The sound quality is however relatively poor. However the

How much does your intensive driving course cost?

How much does your intensive driving course cost?   Your question “how much does your intensive driving courses cost?” Is the same as asking how long is a piece of string.   You can find the cost of our intensive

Is my UK licence valid in New Zealand?

If you have a valid United Kingdom licence it is valid in New Zealand for a period of one year from date of first entry. Please also read : There is no mandatory car insurance. Direct quote from Direct

Driving Test Cancellations List Register

Driving Test Cancellations List Register. If you wish to register on our driving test cancellations list just follow this link. When you have signed up to our driving test cancellation list (TCL), you will receive a thank you letter from