Stand Alone Insurance for young drivers is the ultimate one stop solution for the young learner driver. The young driver’s biggest problem is that before he can become a professional learner driver he has already passed his test and is …

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Carcaptain is offering a £20.00 Carcaptain Learner driver insurance gift voucher with every insurance policy purchased through the Carcaptain Learner driver insurance pages. If you have recently purchased your Learner Driver insurance by following the links on the Carcaptain learner …

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When you decide to take your private car on test there are some specific requirements that you need to consider these are enumerated below; 1. The first is that the examiner may request that you are able to produce a …

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Fast Track guaranteed pass intensive/crash driving course and courses. Many companies offer a guaranteed pass intensive driving course. Carcaptain driving schools have recently added these types of courses to their intensive driving course package. The driving guaranteed pass course requires …

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Collingwood, made changes to their insurance rates for learner drivers on 7 October 2010.

If you have failed your test today, you can have completed an 11 hour FastTrack intensive test preparation course and be sitting your next driving test within 14 days from the date of having sat your last test. Carcaptain intensive driving schools are crash course specialists and specialise in FastTrack driving test bookings.

EU licence – UK licence, pregnant and intensive driving courses.
Fast Track driving test.
Fast Track intensive driving course.
The Fast Track intensive driving course allows you to do your practical driving test within 14 days after having contacted Carcaptain driving schools.

Cheap intensive crash course supported by our Learner driver insurance and intensive course instructors.

Insure and drive your own car as a Learner driver. (Provisional Licence insurance policy ~ fully comprehensive insurance for learner driver’s own car.)