CarCaptain Learner driver insurance ~ Provisional Marmalade.

CarCaptain driving schools have teamed up with Provisional Marmalade to sell and support their products.

The key facts of the Learner driver insurance policy are;

  • this is a stand alone, short term, fully c0mprehensive,  insurance policy, for the Learner driver,
  • the car in question has to be currently insured for another driver by another insurance company,
  • the insurance is only for provisional licence holders ~ Learner drivers,
  • the insurance is only valid while the insured provisional driver has not passed his practical driving test,
  • the car to be insured under the policy must be insurance group 16 or less and must have a current market value of £20,000 (Twenty thousand Pounds Sterling) or less,
  • the policy is only valid on the registered vehicle named in the policy,
  • the accompanying driver (supervisor) must be over the age of 25 years, have had their licence for 3 years or more, but does not need to be the owner the vehicle,
  • the supervisor is insured to drive the car under the Learner Driver insurance policy if it becomes necessary.

These are just a summary of the main restraining points of the Young Marmalade Learner driver insurance policy and by no means cover all the terms and conditions.

There can be no substitute for ‘practising in’ good driving habits and having a car available for the Learner driver to hone the good driving skills taught to him by a qualified and dedicated driving instructor, this can only be beneficial to the Learner driver.

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