CarCaptain Learner driver insurance Live Chat.

CarCaptain Learner Driver insurance Live Chat;
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info: Charles you are now chatting with ‘CarCaptain’
CarCaptain: Hello, how can I help Charles?
Charles: Hi, I am looking to insure my son to learn to drive
Charles: We have two family cars
Charles: not sure which one to insure him on
CarCaptain: Ok, are they both in your name?
Charles: one in mine one in my wife
Charles: mine is a Nissan Primera estate, does CarCaptain have registration software there that allows me to identify the car?
Charles: Sorry, from the car registration?
CarCaptain: We insure any car as long as the engine is smaller than 2 litres and it is worth under £20.000.
Charles: Ok my registration is T????? is that enough info to get the car make
CarCaptain: We don’t quote based on the registration number. Just your postcode.
Charles: SG5 PING
CarCaptain: Lovely, its going to be;
CarCaptain: 1 Month – £94.50
CarCaptain: 2 Months – £177.00
CarCaptain: 3 Months – £256.50
Charles: is that on one car or would that cover him for both?
CarCaptain: Just for one of the cars.
Charles: as he can only drive one at a time!
CarCaptain: It would insure him on one of the cars, whichever one Charles decided upon.
Charles: Ok what do I do now?
CarCaptain: If Charles follow the link below Charles can sign up for the insurance over the net; driver insurance
Charles: Thanks
info: Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.

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