Carcaptain intensive residential driving courses.

Carcaptain: Hello. How may I assist you?
Angel: Where about’s are you based? do you offer residential courses.
Carcaptain: We are based in and around London and covere the surrounding and extended area of London. It is possible for us to arrange a residential course for you, costs for the residential course normally run at around £50 extra per night. Most students however have family and friends with whom they can stay.
Simone: Ok thanks
Carcaptain: Is there anything else I can help with?
Simone: Do you cover Harlow in Essex?
Carcaptain: Yes we have instructors in that area that cover Bishop’s Loughton, Chingford and Enfield test centres.
Simone: would I be able to do the course from there
Carcaptain: We have 2 instructors in Harlow itself.
Simone: I actually live in Reading, but was just thinking about my friend who I could stay with.
Carcaptain: It is possible to run the course from Harlow. That would be no problem. On an intensive course the hours in the car per day are normaly 4 to 7 hr lessons. There is a 20min service from Reading to Paddington and a 30 or 20min service to many of our instructors based in London itself.
Simone: OK that sounds great, I will give it some thought and talk to my mom and dad.
Simone: dad says he will contact you tomorrow to make all the arrangements

Here is a link to our contact page for booking your intensive driving course.

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