CarCaptain Chat; Hi do you do intensive course for automatic car?

Carcaptain website chat;

CarCaptain: Hello, how can I help you?
Fatima: hi do you do intensive course for automatic car
CarCaptain: We do.
Fatima: can you give idea of price please
CarCaptain: It depends on how many hours you would like to take? We offer between 11 and 43 hour courses.
Fatima: ok and do you book test
CarCaptain: Yes we book both your theory & your practical test for you – if you want us to.
Fatima: i have already passed theory do you work in ilford area
CarCaptain: Okay, that’s good. We cover everywhere within the M25 so Ilford is no problem.
Fatima: thats good so what is cost for 11 hr course and does that include everything i have takern test 4 times still failed twice with no minors need someone good lol
Fatima: ?
CarCaptain: The 11 hours in an automatic car is £284.00.
CarCaptain: The practical test costs are £115.25 & they are on top of the lesson costs.
Fatima: thankyou can i have number to book and what is availbility
CarCaptain: We have an 85% first time pass rate so hopefully this will be your fifth and final time.
Fatima: fingers crossed one last question and i will leave you alone would i be able to spread the 11 hrs ver 3 days
CarCaptain: We can get you booked in within two weeks of booking with us.
CarCaptain: The 11 hours would be spread over three days anyway, four hours on the first day, 4 hours on the second day & the test on the third day.
CarCaptain: If / when you want to book you can either do it on here or call 08008600186.
Fatima: i will clear it with my husband first and will call tomorrow to book thankyou for your help
CarCaptain: No problem at all.

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