Car Dealers Hollywood Fl – Information You Should Obtain From A Used Car Dealer

Going to a dealer is one of the best options you can consider to start your used car purchase. And when it comes to used car dealers Hollywood FL has a lot to offer. You can search for them online or you can check on their brick and mortar locations so you can pay them a visit. Regardless, you should get ready before you head to the dealer. If you are seriously thinking about making a used car purchase, then you should know what information to ask the dealer.

First and foremost, ask whether the cars are certified. Certification programs for used cars offer buyers with peace of mind that the cars they are considering have gone through inspection and have been repaired to meet standards. In addition, you should find out if the car has a warranty and if so, what type. You can find more details about this online. Second, you should ask from the dealers the source of their cars. Were they traded in or were they bought from an auction? Are they part of a rental car fleet? The answers you would for these questions can give you an idea on how the car has been driven in the past and the kind of maintenance it has received. But irrespective of the origin of the car, you should see to it that the car undergoes inspection by an expert mechanic. Third, ask if the seller can give you a used vehicle history report. This is essential if you want to learn more about the car’s past. Service records, lemon and accident history, flood damage information, among many others, can be found on such document.

Fourth, you have to inquire about the test drive policies of the dealer. Questions like how long and who decides on the route are just a few things that you have to know. Of course, you should demand for a longer test drive. This is to give you enough time to decide on your purchase. If you shop for a used car from, you’ll have the opportunity to test drive the car by renting it for three days. If you decide to buy the car, then the rental fees will be deducted from the selling price of the car. But otherwise, you have no obligation to buy the car. In any case that the dealer refused to have the car test driven or did not agree with your request for a reasonably longer time, you would be better off walking away and finding another one. The refusal could be a warning sign that the dealer may be hiding something from you.

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