Car Captain Success rate.

Car Captain the driving school with the best Pass Success rates for intensive driving courses.

Car Captain have a very high success rate and Carcaptain have never had a student who we cannot get through the driving test, provided they have the will to stay with the training. At Car Captain we measure our success by the fact that firstly the students stay with us until they pass, therein Car Captain have a near 100% pass success rate. We have instructors that have 86% first time pass success rates and better.

Carcaptain have trained students that are completely deaf and students that no other organisation could train. We have had students who suffer from dyslexia so badly that they cannot read. Still with a programme that Carcaptain designed and embarked on with the parents of the student the student passed his test with only three minors.

Car Captain Success rate;
Some of our success stories include;
People who are completely deaf,
Students suffering from severe dyslexia,
Extremely nervous students,
Students who break down and cry at least twice per lesson and then go on to pass their test the first time,
Very large students,
Very small and petite in stature students,
One eyed students,
One armed students,
One legged students,
Wheel chaired students,
Famous and not so famous musicians and actors,
Egotistic Mom’s and Dads,
Many students who need their driving licence next week before they leave for a safari in Africa,
Students who have to have a licence for the new Job they just got,
iPod wheelding students,
journalists and photographers,
lawyers and bankers,
doctors and dentists,
Many students from Hamstead heath, Belsize Park, Highgate, Golders Hill, Marylebone, Westminister, Swiss cottage and the like.
Students who live in the Firs estate,

Then there was the actor playing the lead role in a film, problem, no one had told him or his agent he would be needing a driving licence for the role. Despite his tight filming schedule and over protective agents and producers we got him through his driving course in under 13 days, theory test and all, just in time for the wheel spinning scene with a shining new driving licence in his pocket. Every credit to him though for his perseverance and dogged determination to get it done. First time practical driving test pass.

Just last week we had a banker who had a brief 10 day gap before his new job which he got on condition that he also have his driving licence before he could start. The job entailed travelling to branches to help with audits and where there are senior staff shortages. All done and dusted in just 8 days from first contact. Driving test passed first time.

At Car Captain we will design the course around the student and can and do offer Guaranteed pass courses intensive driving courses. We at Carcaptain can arrange home pick-up and we do a very special designer course with our very best instructors, just ask for the superior course and we will assign you our top client manager and top instructor.

At Car Captain we are proud of the fact that no one has ever presented us with a challenge that we have been unable to master and successfully manage to conclusion culminating in the person passing his practical driving test and getting his full driving licence.

Please feel free to c0ntact us to discuss your unique problem or contact us here; Car Captain intensive driving courses for London and surrounding areas.

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